We’ll be attending Blast-Tastic this year in Bristol on 1st October 2016!  The Tactical Objectives App will also be half price for the weekend!

If you’re in attendance to this event and have wondered whether the Tactical Objectives app is worth buying (which it really is!) then why not check it out and see it in action before making your mind up 🙂

Warhammer 40,000 Open Day!

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On the 5th and 6th of November, Warhammer World in Nottingham is hosting what is said to be the biggest Warhammer 40,000 Open Day to date and we’re going to be there! To celebrate this joining of both the Imperium, Chaos and Xenos we are doing 50% off both the core app and all In-app purchases so make sure to take advantage while you can!

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(details of the event can be found here:…/warhammer-40000…/)

Games Workshop Digital Assault 50% Off Sale is Live!

DigiAssaultLOGOwebGames Workshop have JUST launched a MASSIVE 50% OFF SALE on the iPhone and iPad app stores!  This includes all In App Purchases as well as core apps. (including our Warhammer 40,000: Tactical Objectives App)

To see what great games and apps are available at bargain prices go to:

We hope you enjoy the sale and have a great weekend!

We’re at Minicon 5!

10959348_860699753953415_7767739188466363420_nHey guys and girls!

As you may have seen on social media, Derp Studios will be attending Minicon 5 in Cheltenham!  We won’t have a big stall but you’ll recognise us by our T-shirts 😀

If you guys are interested in coming along then check out

We’ll also be showing off some of the new features and decks that will be available early February so definitely come on down and give us your feedback on how we can make this app the best it can be!

WH40k: Tactical Objectives App FAQ

Warhammer 40,000: Tactical Objectives App

 Here is a compilation of frequently asked questions by the community!

Q: How much is the app?

The core app is £4.99 which includes the regular deck and missions. As a bonus we have thrown in the Cities of Death tactical objectives AND included the missions from the Shield of Baal: Leviathan book.


Q: How much are the faction decks?

Each faction deck is £2.99. By purchasing the core app and the faction deck of your choice, you essentially get 3 decks for the price of one physical deck. BARGAIN!


Q: What platform is the app for?

Currently iOS and Android devices.

iPhone 4 – iOS 7.x and above

Android – Ice Cream Sandwich


Q: When are new decks added to the app?

New decks are added around two weeks after their physical counterparts have gone on sale. There maybe delays depending on complexity of the cards needing to be added. Also we are a very  small team at the moment.


Q: Will you be reducing the app size

Yes it is one of our top priorities. We will be reducing the app size by uploading unpurchased decks to an FTP site.


Q: Will there be a feature to get rid of unwanted cards and then manually replacing that card for houserules?

Yes, this will be added in a future update.


Q: What plans does Derp Studios have for the app?

We have many plans for the app. The core purpose remains the same, which is to provide players with copies of Tactical Objective cards, however we are looking towards making this the ultimate
companion for the WH40k tabletop game. We also want to add in a few features to make tournament players lives easier as well such as:

• Tournament session timers (tournament matches last about 2 hours each roughly)

• Card history (review what cards you scored and discarded)

• Faction based missions from the Altar of War book (included in the faction decks at no extra
cost…when we get around to it)

• Mysterious Objectives tracker. Because no matter how much you play 40k, people always have their nose in the rulebook trying to remember what each one is. This feature will generate, store and be re-viewable throughout the game session.


Q: Will there be a card history? A way to review cards you have achieved and discarded?

Yes, in a future update this will occur.


Q: Do you know what other objective cards are being released?

We don’t usually know until about a week or so before the decks launch. Or we find out in White
Dwarf like everyone else!


Q: Will the Psychic Power cards be included in the app?

Not at this moment in time.


Q: Will the app support two players?

The app will only support one player.

Warhammer 40,000 Tactical Objectives

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Title:  Warhammer 40,000 Tactical Objectives
Licensor:  Games Workshop
Developer:  Derp Studios
Platforms:  iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8
Price:  £4.99
Published:  Q3 2015
Current Status:  In Development


Welcome to the Official Warhammer 40,000 Tactical Objectives App*! The core app contains tactical objectives and missions for Maelstrom of War and Cities of Death. Faction based decks are available through In App Purchases.The app is frequently updated to coincide with the releases of the limited physical copies of Games Workshops’ faction specific Tactical Objectives.

*This is one of the first Games Workshop licensed hobby apps to officially and directly support the Warhammer 40,000 Tabletop wargame.









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