Keep your documents up to scratch!

Hey Indies!  Remember I posted that info TIGA provided regarding Video Game Tax Relief?  When you take the cultural test on the British Film Institutes websites, make sure you have your designers documents to hand such as a game design document. concept document etc as they may ask you for it!  Luckily I’m hell bent on keeping my documents up to date and on track!


Chris Ledger
CEO and Lead Designer

Video Game Tax Relief – One for the Indies!

For all those indie developers out there, you’ve probably heard about Video Games Tax Relief and several funding methods but never known where to start I’m guessing?

Well today I (Chris Ledger – CEO and Lead Designer) happened to come across a piece of information from TIGA regarding Funding AND Video Games Tax Credits.  It’s a fairly recent couple of documents produced by TIGA.  I suggest having a read through them as they’re fairly handy.

In regards to Video Games Tax Relief, you need to head to the British Film Institute and pass a cultural test and then get in touch with HMRC’s Corporation Tax/Tax department.  I am currently looking into this and I will post up any successes or or hurdles.

I have bundled the information provided by TIGA in an easily accessable Zip file and even provided a link the direct page where you can take the cultural test mentioned within:

Has anyone else applied for this?  It’d be great to hear from you if you have as this looks like it could really take some financial pressure off developers.