Slyborg is released!

It maybe the shortest game we’ve ever created, but Slyborg is released!  You can check out the game and play it for free in your web browser on the official Slyborg page at

A very big thank you to Jake Watts AKA The VIRUS Empire for creating the sounds.  Check him out at

The next game jam on the list is the jam that brought you Derpman: CMC!

Stay tuned for updates on the next Speccy Jam!

The Cyberpunk Game Jam!

Recently the studio has participated in the Cyberpunk Game Jam!  The theme given was “height”.
I must say we were very lucky in this game jam as it’s not 2, not 5 BUT 10 Days long!  Our small 2 man game jam team pushed themselves to the limit juggling their daily lives and the jam.  There were also a few firsts in this game jam, as it was our artist Max’s first time creating sprite sheets, he’s done a fantastic job, especially with the main character.

Screenshots and more to come, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s release of “Slyborg”, which will be available to play for free!

For anyone else interested in participating in the next jam, check out: