Two Souls reviewed by Ind13 Magazine!

We are pleased to announce that the new Indie gamer and game development magazine Ind13 has reviewed Two Souls!

To read the article directly you can click here

Ind13 are really worth checking out, they support indie developers and also appeal to indie gamers.  They touch on a myriad of articles ranging from game reviews to case studies and approaching challenging topics that indie’s like ourselves face almost on a daily basis!

Their website is

Two Souls launches on Gamonaut!

Our studios beloved Two Souls makes a grand appearance as a web browser game!  Thanks to our friends at Icey Monty, Two Souls is now hosted on the website  We would like to say a big thank you to Icey Monty for all the hard work they’ve put in to get us fully set up on Gamonaut and other gaming sites across the internet!

You can find the press release below:

Wednesday, 16th April, 2014:

Student studios studying with Train2Game have joined forces to release Two Souls on free to play 3D gaming website: Gamonaut. A Lite version of the game developed by Derp Studios is exclusively available on Icey Monty’s popular gaming website. The partnership has come together as both studios won a Swan PR Train2Game competition to gain free PR for a month.

Gamonaut developed by Icey Monty has around 1/2million plays on its site to date and its numbers are rapidly growing. Two Souls is one of Derp Studio’s many popular gaming releases, the full version of the game is now available to buy on Android and Windows Phone 8, with planned release on iOS in the near future.

Nick Walker, Director, Icey Monty, said:
“Two Souls has an original mechanic that makes it challenging and gives players a new experience. It’s perfect for the web and mobile markets. Derp has been brilliant, both in terms of getting the game ready and with the teams enthusiasm for the cooperation. We’re excited about giving Two Souls more outreach, and that ends up being mutually beneficial.”

Christopher Ledger, CEO, Derp Studios:
“With John and Nick’s experience with building web games combined with our knowledge of games, I think we can cover a lot of audiences on both PC and mobile.  We’ve made a totally exclusive version of Two Souls for Gamonaut, dedicated to players using the keyboard. The levels are unique, so when players buy the game on mobile they will have fresh new content.”

Available now on Gamonaut here

Available now on Android
Pro:  Here
Lite:  Here
Available now on Windows Phone 8:
Pro:  Here
Lite:  Here


Two Souls Trailer!

So out of the blue a trailer for Two Souls has appeared!  It’s an unofficial one however the team are really digging it!  A big thank you to MaximumAndroid on YouTube for this creation.  They may not know it but they’ve done the studio a favour by providing some publicity!

Here’s the trailer:


Two Souls released on Android!

The moment has come!

2Souls has finally hit Android! Derp Studios winning game candidate from the Swan PR competition, with special thanks to Train2Game and many others in getting the game where it is today. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it!

So without further ado:

Introducing one of the most challenging games to grace the app store! Take control of two little androids on their journey through the stars. Although their goal is the same, their paths are very different. Using the analog sticks guide our two little soul mates towards the end zone of each level in the best time you can achieve!


  • 10 Levels, each level more challenging than the last
  • Challenge Mode, a true test of dexterity!
  • Achievements, beat the challenges set by the developers and earn achievements via Swarm.
  • Leader-boards, attain bragging rights and post your high score on Swarm, Facebook and social media, show the world you have what it takes to be the best!
  • Beautifully composed soundtrack

Check out the page here and download the game on your Android devices here!

We really hope you enjoy playing this as much as the team enjoyed developing it!

Bug report forms are live!

We have just launched a bug tracker/submission system to our website!  Reporting a problem has never been so simple.   All you need to do is click on the “Report new issue” button and fill in all the fields.  Player feedback is always appreciated and Derp Studios is dedicated to bringing players great gameplay experiences.  The studio is always aiming to bring out high quality titles and what better way to do that by offering players a chance to be heard!

You can find the bug report form here!

Introducing 2Souls!

Two members of the studio have recently entered a Train2Game PR competition.  The game is an arcade style game where the player takes control of two characters and moves them both individually with corresponding joysticks.  The aim of the game:  reach the end of the level.

I’m assuming you want to know the catch??  Well…read on!

As us gamers know, reaching the end of the level is never straight forward, in 2Souls you will be controlling two characters simultaneous.  You only have a certain amount of time before the platform you are on falls, so you will need to be very dextrous.  If that wasn’t challenging enough, the paths on each side are completely different, both with their own twists and turns.  If you get to the end of the level without falling off you progress!

The game is aimed for mobile platforms and we will try our best to port to all the major marketplaces!


Derpman released on Windows Phone 7 and 8!

Happy New Year guys and girls!  It’s taken a while but as a new years resolution, Derp Studios are tying up loose ends.  In fact, to get the ball rolling we have shipped Derpman onto its first mobile platform! (Hooray!)

You can find it on the Windows Store for Windows Phone 7 and 8 here:

We hope you enjoy it and we will run some maintenance on it every now and again to iron out the bugs!

Derpman is released!

Hello once again ladiespeccyjams and gentlederps!

Our game jam candidate for Speccy Jam is out to play.  I must warn you all though, this original game jam version has a lot of bugs in it.  Fear not, for our team has been working hard to make it bug free.

It is also with great joy that Speccy Jam have even made a page for our game, which you can find here:

If that isn’t enough then we have even more news, it turns out that our splash screen was featured on a Speccy Jam article on!  You can view the article here:


Thank you for all the support you have given us, it’s because of this support that we endeavor to bring you fun games 🙂

Derp Studios participating in Speccy Jam!

We are proud to announce our participation in the global Game Jam:  Speccy Jam!

The game jam is a week long which commences on the 16/11/13 (finishing on the 23rd).  So far over 40 developers have jumped on board to create a title of any genre, to which the theme is to create their game in the style of a ZX Spectrums graphics.

The challenge of this jam is to be as creative as possible in the constraints of the graphical limitations.

Developers must keep their titles at 256×192 resolution, use the 15 colours from the light and dim colour pallet the ZX Spectrum offered and if you are that hardcore….you can even follow the attribute blocks guidelines of having a maximum of 2 colours from the same set in ever 8×8 segment of the screen!

I have to admit, even our artists who were avid players of their ZX Spectrums found it quite the challenge to abide by the attribute block rule.

However the studio is prevailing and going hardcore and abiding every rule Speccy Jam have set us!

Our candidate for this Game Jam is a simple continuous runner…featuring…wait for it… DERPMAN!!!!!


That’s right, Derpman has his first game and he will have many more titles in the future.  We’ve had a good laugh developing it, so we hope you enjoy playing this multi-coloured monstrosity!

We are going to be releasing the game on the PC for free.  Mobile and Console versions are being discussed, however these will cost the lowest price tier on the marketplaces so fear not!

For more information on SpeccyJam go to