Slyborg is released!

It maybe the shortest game we’ve ever created, but Slyborg is released!  You can check out the game and play it for free in your web browser on the official Slyborg page at

A very big thank you to Jake Watts AKA The VIRUS Empire for creating the sounds.  Check him out at

The next game jam on the list is the jam that brought you Derpman: CMC!

Stay tuned for updates on the next Speccy Jam!

The Cyberpunk Game Jam!

Recently the studio has participated in the Cyberpunk Game Jam!  The theme given was “height”.
I must say we were very lucky in this game jam as it’s not 2, not 5 BUT 10 Days long!  Our small 2 man game jam team pushed themselves to the limit juggling their daily lives and the jam.  There were also a few firsts in this game jam, as it was our artist Max’s first time creating sprite sheets, he’s done a fantastic job, especially with the main character.

Screenshots and more to come, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s release of “Slyborg”, which will be available to play for free!

For anyone else interested in participating in the next jam, check out:


Derp Studios in The Radio Magazine

RadMag MS AdvertDerp Studios are very happy to announce that we have branched out and now work on Radio Apps as well as fun, quality games.

We have recently created an app for RTI radio station based in Poprad slovakia that is live on Windows 8 now on PC and Smart device which you can pick up here:

We have other clients lined up with some big names from radios past that we will announce as we complete them.

The work we have been doing was also picked up by The Radio Magazine which is the last radio specific magazine left in print and is shipped out to all major and minor radio stations. You can read the radio article at

We have also been heavily supported by Microsoft through our new endeavor as they liked the idea of a radio application so much. We hope Microsoft will continue to help us in our games industry journey.

Derp Studios is very happy to be working with these great names and look forward to seeing where this will take us next!

To find out more about our Radio App service you can visit this page.

Derp Studios July Meet up

DSCN1789Derp Studios has spent all of this past week together at Cheltenham University working together on our latest project.

On Monday, Derps from all around the country descended on to Cheltenham. We had team members from Essex and Northamptonshire arrive and the work began.

As I arrived on Monday I noticed a distinct lack of morale as it was a rather warm day, I decided I would change this!

The next day I arrive to the university with cakes, muffins, and all manner of sugary treats. I also brought in some party hats and masquerade masks so the fun really could begin! For the rest of the day, many of the Derps enjoyed their sugary treats and wore party attire. The morale has been high ever since!

On Wednesday, we decided to terrify our coder, Nigel. One of our artists, Michael, was a wrestler in his younger days and so it was decided that for a group picture with our new team mates we would let Michael loose on Nigel, the picture turned out fantastic.

Thursday was a day of hard work. A lot of the time was spent in silence with heads down deep in work. The game progressed nicely.

On our last day working together things got a bit more light hearted. Whilst the work was done we had many an interesting conversation! Subjects included Martial Arts – with demonstrations, new Derpman stories and many amusing YouTube videos were watched.

It was a week filled with fun and hard work. This is what Derp lives for and loves!

Derp Studios Artist Graduates University

JacobDerp studios are very proud to announce that one of our Artists, Jacob Gamm, has gained a university degree in Illustration from Falmouth University.

Derp Studios has been aiding Jacob in his University work since he joined Derp Studios in January of this year. Jacob used the work he created with the studio as his final piece for university.

The art work Jacob created was on display at an end of year show for the university with many people viewing his artistic skills and once Jacob announced his end of year show, we uploaded his beautiful concept art to our website which you can view, here.

You can view more of Jacobs art work at his site

Jacob said, “Working for Derp has been an incredible experience for me. I’ve learnt that my passion is in concept art and not simply illustration but, more importantly, it’s working as part of a team.

“Illustration is a solitary career, but I have never had more fun than when locked in a room with a bunch of talented nerds all working together. After our first face to face meeting I rang up my girlfriend and told her; I know what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Congratulations Jacob on gaining your 2:1 in Illustration.

We here at Derp Studios our very proud of Jacob and we look forward to continuing to work with you!