Making Work Play


Although these aren’t full games, these are demonstrations of mechanics assembled in Unreal Engine 4.


Weapon Equip

This video demonstrates that the player can reload a weapon at the touch of a button.  Whilst using an animation montage of a reload animation, a trigger point is set on the animations timeline which calls an event to mathematically replenish the current ammo and deplete the maximum amount of ammo held.

Roster Editor

The Roster Editor was something that interested me because my friend recently had their tabletop game published.  Using Unreal Engine 4, I utilised the UMG system and arrays to create an interactive army roster prototype.

Ammo Depletion

The player simply fires their weapon and their current ammunition depletes during the attack animation.  Ray tracing/Ray casting was used to deal damage to the 2nd player (bottom screen).

Aim Offset

Aim Offset is something I am particularly proud of achieving.  I used several still animation poses  and blended them.  They react with the player camera.

Target Data

Using Ray tracing/Ray casting, the player can bring up specific stats of their opponet.

Pickup Demo

The player is able to pick up ammo and health.  The basic pickup logic is in a parent class and the specific effects are programmed into the child class.