Dire Consequences Re-Launch!

Yes you read that correctly!  The first title our studio ever made:  Dire Consequences is being re-launched, re-branded and totally overhauled for the PC!!  Now you’ll be able to go toe to toe against bigger and badder foes.

We decided to go ahead and see what we could pull off in the Unreal Engine 4 in a month, at the same time we also enlisted for a game jam to really challenge ourselves.  The results were very impressive, seeing as we had the artists either moving house, at Download Festival for a week,  or working flat out on a 2 week stint and to top that all off the programmer trying to revise and finish his exams!

With that being said I think we managed to recreate 75% of the original title on PC.  Our first playable is actually a game jam candidate so it’s very raw.  There are many known issues with the first playable and to top it all off, it’s been set to low quality to improve framerate.

You can download and play the remastered Dire Consequences here.

However please bare in mind that this is only a first playable, rush built for a game jam.  At the moment we are at a Pre-Alpha stage so there are things that need and will be fixed.  The team will be performing weekly maintenance on the title and will be adding further content to the game.  This is a great opportunity for players because they will get to see the game evolve over time until it reaches Gold Master status!  Not only that but players are currently playing the game for the very low price of free!

To keep players up to date with Dire Consequences we are using the website and Tumblr accounts to blog about the development of the game.  We will also begin using our YouTube channel and of course Facebook and Twitter will be updated as usual, even more so than we have previously!

You can find our social networking and media links below:


**A Note from the Designer**

All team members who worked on Dire Consequences past and present will be credited….when we get around to implementing the credits that is!

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