Dire Consequences V1.1.1 Update Notes

The 2nd build of Dire Consequences is live!  Download the game from here!

You can also view the changes and updates in Dire Consequences below in our update notes.  We hope you enjoy playing the game and please remember this is still a work in progress, your support and feedback is crucial in making this game awesome!


Dire Consequences Build 1.1.1

Changelog 01/08/2014



  • Static meshes now have dedicated lightmap UV's.
  • Static meshes now have higher quality textures.
  • Level now contains a Skydome with low-res starmap Material. (Placeholder)
  • Global illumination is now slightly brighter.
  • Some torches have been removed.
  • Fixed rampart collision


  • Water Materials have been changed
  • Directional light has been removed and lighting brightness altered with current Moon Light.
  • Level now contains terrain with 4 blend layers – Grass, rock, cobble and straw.
  • Orchard has been placed consisting of a fountain, base, trees, benches.
  • Crystals are now embedded in the fountain and emit a stationary pink light.
  • Basic Pause menu added with some functionability (Press P to pause!)
  • The orchard now has a tiled marble border.
  • Trees in the orchard now have bases.

Known Issues:

  • Enemies aren’t very “intelligent”
  • Unstructured spawning
  • Lighting issues with Global Illumination
  • Skydome texture resolution
  • No texture on player character
  • Player characters arms due for remodelling
  • Arches need to be added to the centre still
  • BSP needs replacing with static meshes on the battlements
  • Many more that we can’t think of right now!