Ready to face the consequences?

It’s been one hell of a year and since we haven’t posted on here for a long time, we thought it would be a great time to post something interesting.  We have some artwork to show you guys of the antagonists of Dire Consequences.  This is quite exciting and a lot of time and effort has been put into these images.  There are a couple of work in progress pictures, however it is all confirmed that these antagonists will be in the game!

DC Promo

A massive big shout out and pat on the back to Gabi and Nicole who have been working really hard alongside the design team to make these characters truly awesome!

To find the blog post CEO and Lead Designer, Chris Ledger wrote for the Train2Game Blog, then click here!


Fashionably late to the (enemy) party!

10491104_10204427150978272_6226503678810023253_nundead mage2


Finally! Better late than never! Look who just arrived to the party!

This guy is rigged and skinned and just about ready to roll. He’s gonna be going in the engine ASAP, I can tell you that for sure! You’ve probably noticed that the Undead Mage is looking a bit different from the concept. We struggled with cloth and APEX, we’re not gonna lie about that, so he’s being set up the “old school” way.

We will get around to doing proper cloth in the future, in fact some of the models will get an overhaul turning their cloth into true cloth (eventually!).

This guy will be chucking spells all over the shop, hit with stick might be the best course of action against this guy…that’s if you can reach the damn thing!

Dire Consequences V1.1.1 Update Notes

The 2nd build of Dire Consequences is live!  Download the game from here!

You can also view the changes and updates in Dire Consequences below in our update notes.  We hope you enjoy playing the game and please remember this is still a work in progress, your support and feedback is crucial in making this game awesome!


Dire Consequences Build 1.1.1

Changelog 01/08/2014



  • Static meshes now have dedicated lightmap UV's.
  • Static meshes now have higher quality textures.
  • Level now contains a Skydome with low-res starmap Material. (Placeholder)
  • Global illumination is now slightly brighter.
  • Some torches have been removed.
  • Fixed rampart collision


  • Water Materials have been changed
  • Directional light has been removed and lighting brightness altered with current Moon Light.
  • Level now contains terrain with 4 blend layers – Grass, rock, cobble and straw.
  • Orchard has been placed consisting of a fountain, base, trees, benches.
  • Crystals are now embedded in the fountain and emit a stationary pink light.
  • Basic Pause menu added with some functionability (Press P to pause!)
  • The orchard now has a tiled marble border.
  • Trees in the orchard now have bases.

Known Issues:

  • Enemies aren’t very “intelligent”
  • Unstructured spawning
  • Lighting issues with Global Illumination
  • Skydome texture resolution
  • No texture on player character
  • Player characters arms due for remodelling
  • Arches need to be added to the centre still
  • BSP needs replacing with static meshes on the battlements
  • Many more that we can’t think of right now!


Pause menu! Ta da!

We now have a pause menu!  It’s simple but effective!  Still some issues with it but it does its basic job, which is pausing the game!


Courtyard is improving! Check this out!

Got the Monday blues? Maybe we can help you overcome that by showing you some progress with our Courtyard level in Dire Consequences.

Our modeller, Max, has been very busy creating some static meshes and a few other bits for the courtyard level. It’s starting to shape up really nicely.  He’s really putting a lot of love and attention in this, which we are confident that it will yield the best results!  You’ll also notice that the lighting has improved a fair bit as well. We just need to sort the lighting around the ramparts to get the atmosphere just right!

Take a look at a before and after picture of Courtyard (darker image=old, brighter image=new).  Remember it’s still a work in progress but you’ll be able to play this level (with all its fixes) at the start of next month!

 dark screenshot





We’re about to test cloth physics!

We had one hell of a storm here at Derp HQ. Then again, I think a lot of people round the UK encountered it! Speaking of storms, we know this guy will definitely be hurling more than just lightning! We’ve been experimenting with a bit of physics and how to make cloth. So far so good for our first attempt.

I have a feeling that this will be highly amusing to balance these physics!  We will definitely post up some bloopers as they are always amusing!  In fact we might have a few from the original game to post at some point!


Undead Mage is becoming….Undead?

We have some more progress in regards to the Undead Mage!  Our artist Michael has been hard at work making this thing look pretty creepy.  However this is still a WIP, BUT everyone at Derp Studios is excited about seeing this nasty pasty come to life and summon a spell storm players won’t forget!

undead mage2 10488234_10204259610229858_6243246565668195831_n

New enemy announced for Dire Consequences!

It’s Friday! Which also means that the weekend is close!  To celebrate we thought we would show off the next enemy to be brought into the world of Dire Consequences!

This is the Undead Mage, which will accompany the Undead Knight! (Click to enlarge!)
undead mage2
This piece was drawn by our character modeller and animator, Michael!


Known bugs in Dire Consequences and Solutions

It’s only been a day and we’ve encountered issues already!  #gamedevproblems

Below is a list of known issues in Dire Consequences:

  • Ramparts have no collision
  • Level is too dark due to static lighting
  • Lighting switches off outside of peripheral view
  • Missing MSVCP120.dll upon running the game

In the next build, those issues will be rectified.  We appreciate your support and look forward to making this game the best it can be!


**MSVCP120.dll fix**

We do however have an external solution to the missing MSVCP120.dll file upon starting Dire Consequences.

If you are receiving the error message:  “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” then it is because of the Visual C++ re-distributable files.  You can download them here from the Microsoft website.

In the future we will be creating an installer which automatically installs these files.  We apologise for any inconvenience!

Dire Consequences Re-Launch!

Yes you read that correctly!  The first title our studio ever made:  Dire Consequences is being re-launched, re-branded and totally overhauled for the PC!!  Now you’ll be able to go toe to toe against bigger and badder foes.

We decided to go ahead and see what we could pull off in the Unreal Engine 4 in a month, at the same time we also enlisted for a game jam to really challenge ourselves.  The results were very impressive, seeing as we had the artists either moving house, at Download Festival for a week,  or working flat out on a 2 week stint and to top that all off the programmer trying to revise and finish his exams!

With that being said I think we managed to recreate 75% of the original title on PC.  Our first playable is actually a game jam candidate so it’s very raw.  There are many known issues with the first playable and to top it all off, it’s been set to low quality to improve framerate.

You can download and play the remastered Dire Consequences here.

However please bare in mind that this is only a first playable, rush built for a game jam.  At the moment we are at a Pre-Alpha stage so there are things that need and will be fixed.  The team will be performing weekly maintenance on the title and will be adding further content to the game.  This is a great opportunity for players because they will get to see the game evolve over time until it reaches Gold Master status!  Not only that but players are currently playing the game for the very low price of free!

To keep players up to date with Dire Consequences we are using the website and Tumblr accounts to blog about the development of the game.  We will also begin using our YouTube channel and of course Facebook and Twitter will be updated as usual, even more so than we have previously!

You can find our social networking and media links below:


**A Note from the Designer**

All team members who worked on Dire Consequences past and present will be credited….when we get around to implementing the credits that is!