Keep your documents up to scratch!

Hey Indies!  Remember I posted that info TIGA provided regarding Video Game Tax Relief?  When you take the cultural test on the British Film Institutes websites, make sure you have your designers documents to hand such as a game design document. concept document etc as they may ask you for it!  Luckily I’m hell bent on keeping my documents up to date and on track!


Chris Ledger
CEO and Lead Designer

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Video Game Tax Relief – One for the Indies!

For all those indie developers out there, you’ve probably heard about Video Games Tax Relief and several funding methods but never known where to start I’m guessing?

Well today I (Chris Ledger – CEO and Lead Designer) happened to come across a piece of information from TIGA regarding Funding AND Video Games Tax Credits.  It’s a fairly recent couple of documents produced by TIGA.  I suggest having a read through them as they’re fairly handy.

In regards to Video Games Tax Relief, you need to head to the British Film Institute and pass a cultural test and then get in touch with HMRC’s Corporation Tax/Tax department.  I am currently looking into this and I will post up any successes or or hurdles.

I have bundled the information provided by TIGA in an easily accessable Zip file and even prov...

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Courtyard is improving! Check this out!

Got the Monday blues? Maybe we can help you overcome that by showing you some progress with our Courtyard level in Dire Consequences.

Our modeller, Max, has been very busy creating some static meshes and a few other bits for the courtyard level. It’s starting to shape up really nicely.  He’s really putting a lot of love and attention in this, which we are confident that it will yield the best results!  You’ll also notice that the lighting has improved a fair bit as well. We just need to sort the lighting around the ramparts to get the atmosphere just right!

Take a look at a before and after picture of Courtyard (darker image=old, brighter image=new).  Remember it’s still a work in progress but you’ll be able to play this level (with all its fixes) at the start of next month!

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We’re about to test cloth physics!

We had one hell of a storm here at Derp HQ. Then again, I think a lot of people round the UK encountered it! Speaking of storms, we know this guy will definitely be hurling more than just lightning! We’ve been experimenting with a bit of physics and how to make cloth. So far so good for our first attempt.

I have a feeling that this will be highly amusing to balance these physics!  We will definitely post up some bloopers as they are always amusing!  In fact we might have a few from the original game to post at some point!


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Undead Mage is becoming….Undead?

We have some more progress in regards to the Undead Mage!  Our artist Michael has been hard at work making this thing look pretty creepy.  However this is still a WIP, BUT everyone at Derp Studios is excited about seeing this nasty pasty come to life and summon a spell storm players won’t forget!

undead mage2 10488234_10204259610229858_6243246565668195831_n

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New enemy announced for Dire Consequences!

It’s Friday! Which also means that the weekend is close!  To celebrate we thought we would show off the next enemy to be brought into the world of Dire Consequences!

This is the Undead Mage, which will accompany the Undead Knight! (Click to enlarge!)
undead mage2
This piece was drawn by our character modeller and animator, Michael!


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Known bugs in Dire Consequences and Solutions

It’s only been a day and we’ve encountered issues already!  #gamedevproblems

Below is a list of known issues in Dire Consequences:

  • Ramparts have no collision
  • Level is too dark due to static lighting
  • Lighting switches off outside of peripheral view
  • Missing MSVCP120.dll upon running the game

In the next build, those issues will be rectified.  We appreciate your support and look forward to making this game the best it can be!

**MSVCP120.dll fix**

We do however have an external solution to the missing MSVCP120.dll file upon starting Dire Consequences.

If you are receiving the error message:  “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” then it is because of the Visual C++ re-distributable files...

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Dire Consequences Re-Launch!

Yes you read that correctly!  The first title our studio ever made:  Dire Consequences is being re-launched, re-branded and totally overhauled for the PC!!  Now you’ll be able to go toe to toe against bigger and badder foes.

We decided to go ahead and see what we could pull off in the Unreal Engine 4 in a month, at the same time we also enlisted for a game jam to really challenge ourselves.  The results were very impressive, seeing as we had the artists either moving house, at Download Festival for a week,  or working flat out on a 2 week stint and to top that all off the programmer trying to revise and finish his exams!

With that being said I think we managed to recreate 75% of the original title on PC.  Our first playable is actually a game jam candidate so it’s very raw...

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Sneaky preview of our Undead Knight from the RPG Maker Game Jam!

Everyone at Derp Studios is loving Michaels model of the Undead Knight.  We love it so much that we’d thought we would share it with you all!




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Throwback Thursday: Dire Consequences

Now this is something that brings back memories!

In fact this game is the roots and foundation of Derp Studios!  I owe many thanks and respect to those who worked on the project and for their contribution in getting Derp Studios FIRST (and by all means not the last) title to the iOS App Store.

The story of Dire Consequences is a tragic tale, where a random team of 10 of the best game jam participants were to form the 4th team and take part in Make Something Unreal Live 2012.  Baring in mind that none of the 4 teams had ever made a game before in their lives, we all recieved the challenge of not only developing a title in 8 months, but to utilise the Fighting Fantasy franchise of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone...

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