Making Work Play


Who We Are

Derp Studios was created at the Make Something Unreal Live game jam contest in 2012. The team have released several titles, which are featured on this website, including licensed products for companies such as Games Workshop!

The team joined together after each doing individually well at the 2011 Train2Game, Epic Game Jam. Following the Make Something Unreal Live contest in 2012 they have continued working in the games industry by solidifying Derp Studios as a limited company.

Chris Ledger, CEO, said on having a studio: “To have your own studio is like having a child. It will make you feel every emotion under the sun, and will always need constant attention. However you learn to love your studio unconditionally and through the love you show it, the rewards are great!”


What We Do

Derp Studios works with small businesses and individuals to develop apps and games across various platforms at an affordable price tailored to the client.

Below you will see the logo’s of clients big and small and some great testimonies from clients! If you like what you see and are intersted then feel free to drop us a message and we can happily discuss your needs.

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