Further Updates on that little un-named side project!

The side project is coming along well.  I recently just implemented a basic level up system in UE4 Blueprints!  It’s pretty exciting stuff as this mechanic can be migrated to a number of projects and has unlocked many possibilities of other game mechanics and features I’ve always dreamt about!

levelup works

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Update on the CEO’s side project!

Here are some screenshots of a side project the CEO & Lead Designer of the studio has been doing in Unreal Engine 4!  So far not a single line of code has been written, however there’s a fair amount of Blueprint nodes!  It’s quite a fun little game, supporting local splitscreen mulitplayer!

SplitscreenDogfight WIPsplitscreen1 WIPwinner

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Roundup of Events!

It’s been a long time since we posted, so here’s a roundup of events that have been happening with the studio!

  • Our contract for licensing has been delayed, meaning we still can’t mention our good news!
  • The meeting with our licensor went extremely well!
  • We’re pitching for two more projects using the same license we’ve currently applied for
  • The CEO and Lead Designer, Chris, has been working on a small side project which is almost ready to be shipped to PC in its raw form! (100% no coding and BSP only!)
  • The CEO will be attending London MCM Expo October 24th – 26th!  We don’t have an actual stall at the expo but he will be around
  • Artist Max Dymond may also be present at London MCM Expo in October
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A potential Game Changer has Risen!

Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve got some exciting news to announce at some point this week.  However we’ve got to double check if we’re actually allowed to announce it! :O

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Fashionably late to the (enemy) party!

10491104_10204427150978272_6226503678810023253_nundead mage2


Finally! Better late than never! Look who just arrived to the party!

This guy is rigged and skinned and just about ready to roll. He’s gonna be going in the engine ASAP, I can tell you that for sure! You’ve probably noticed that the Undead Mage is looking a bit different from the concept. We struggled with cloth and APEX, we’re not gonna lie about that, so he’s being set up the “old school” way.

We will get around to doing proper cloth in the future, in fact some of the models will get an overhaul turning their cloth into true cloth (eventually!).

This guy will be chucking spells all over the shop, hit with stick might be the best course of action against this guy…that’s if you can reach the damn thing!

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Dire Consequences V1.1.1 Update Notes

The 2nd build of Dire Consequences is live!  Download the game from here!

You can also view the changes and updates in Dire Consequences below in our update notes.  We hope you enjoy playing the game and please remember this is still a work in progress, your support and feedback is crucial in making this game awesome!


Dire Consequences Build 1.1.1

Changelog 01/08/2014



  • Static meshes now have dedicated lightmap UV's.
  • Static meshes now have higher quality textures.
  • Level now contains a Skydome with low-res starmap Material. (Placeholder)
  • Global illumination is now slightly brighter.
  • Some torches have been removed.
  • Fixed rampart collision


  • Water Materials have been changed
  • Directional light has been removed and lighting brightness altered with current Moon ...
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A great day to be a UE4 developer!

Not only have we managed to get Coherent UI starting to work in UE4, we’ve also come across this little gem!  The art team at Maximo have released a package of pre made animations for UE4 on the UE4 marketplace!  Go check it out, the article is here:  http://blog.mixamo.com/get-mixamos-new-free-pack-in-the-unreal-engine-4-marketplace!

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Coherent UI! Wow!

One for the designers, devs and artists!

To any UE4 users out there, if you are looking for a decent 3rd party UI tool, check out Coherent Labs‘s beautiful UI plugin “Coherent UI”. There are videos on how to install and get it set up in your own project, you can request a trial of it as well. You can also get it for Unity.


Add Coherent to an existing project (Blueprint friendly): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA0lvmSmUeI#t=25

PS: Please show these guys some love, they deserve the support!

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Pause menu! Ta da!

We now have a pause menu!  It’s simple but effective!  Still some issues with it but it does its basic job, which is pausing the game!


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Keep your documents up to scratch!

Hey Indies!  Remember I posted that info TIGA provided regarding Video Game Tax Relief?  When you take the cultural test on the British Film Institutes websites, make sure you have your designers documents to hand such as a game design document. concept document etc as they may ask you for it!  Luckily I’m hell bent on keeping my documents up to date and on track!


Chris Ledger
CEO and Lead Designer

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